Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sometimes I just felt that Long Distance Relationship or commonly known as LDR, is such a beautiful thing.

I've gone through it for the past 3 years, and also this year. Basically first year, we got together for only 3 months and got tested LDR for 1 years when she got to Australia. So then, we got back together 2 years and recently she went to Paris for another year. So in total 4 years.

I've got a feeling of satisfaction and excitement throughout the experience of completing a LDR.
It's not that bad like what people always say," Aiya, LDR sure break one la". Thats not the case, if you viewed it positively.

LDR makes us stronger, by separating us, we showed trust in each other
LDR makes us love each other stronger, by separating us, we appreciate each other even more
LDR makes us feel in love again, by living in two different place, we love each other even more if we ever meet again
LDR makes us eager and anxious, by knowing the time to ever meet her again, I can't seems to wait for her to be by my side.

For us, it was at a heated love when we got separated by distance 3 years ago, that makes us strongly believe in each other and we survived the test of love, and soon after years of being together. We settled down our relationship and got into LDR again this year. It was another challenge for us, but we strongly believe in each other and hold on to our trust and love closely to our heart.

I've learned a lot from our relationship, Long Distance is not a reason for argument, but merely an excuse for not willing to adapt and accept the fact that he or she is far away.

Never lose someone important in your life just because they are far away from you, time different does not matter, nor the distance. I've tried having 3 hour difference, and even 9 hour difference, even separated by half of the globe.

All this does not matter because it's just a figure and time shown on clock. If you are willing to love her/he, distance and time difference is nothing.

You never know what will happened when you all ever meet again. But for me, I know that if me and her ever meet again, we will treasure each other even more. Nothing that we had not faced before, it all falls on determination.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just like anyone else, I does have mood swing.

When I'm serious, I am, and I care for none

When I'm playful, I am, and I can be the most childish and joyful person you can ever meet.

When I'm depress, I am, and my tears will roll down my cheek like everyone else.

When I'm mean, I am, and I don't give a damn who are you and your background.

When I'm silent, I am, and don't come near me cause I'm not in the mood for any conversation.

So don't get caught up in the wrong time zone of mine, if you are dear enough to me, you will notice.

If not, ask me and I'll respond and you will see.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

As I know, everyday itself is a new challenge.
But do believe me, challenges is just a step away from success.
Don't ask me why, because a fall itself is a step gained.
As for me, I do take this challenge as my path to success,
Never stop giving up yourself, because if u don't believe in urself, no one will.

A long message is not worth a sentence of advice, so read it well n embed it in your heart, real deep inside.

Till then, <3 you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is the really first time I miss my mum so much.
We had much fun throughout the 7 days. At first, I'm so reluctant to have my mum here because i scare it would trouble her and the main factor is because I don't wanna her to go back alone.

We laughed, jumped, scream, and play like siblings.
This is the very first time I'm so interacted with my mum.
I remember the time when we had bad moments together, scolding and arguing. But now I don't see that in us anymore.

I don't know how to express my feeling but it strikes me real hard.
I dislike this feeling. I know I will break down and cry like a baby but who cares? I'm not afraid to show my feeling but I'm afraid to face such situation.

It's genuinely true that mum is the best in the whole wide world like no one.
She doesn't mind sacrificing her sleep time to cook foods for me, she doesn't mind walking and waiting for me when I'm at class and work and she doesn't have grudges on everything we had done wrong and bad.

A sudden change of environment shows me my mum's happier side and playful side. It's always fun having her around me and trust me, I won't nag about her anymore nor we will have misunderstanding like the past, it will all change, and I promise myself to bring my parents on holiday every year and I want them to enjoy life before it's too later.

They have work their half life for me and now it's my responsibility to give them the happiness and life they should be going through.

I love my Mummy & Daddy and always will.

I hate the part where I always need to bid goodbye to someone I love most.
Please don't torture me anymore, Mr.Life.

The feeling is deeply embedded in my heart.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Yay!!! Finished my last Politic major assignment.
But I guess if tomorrow is the deadline, it would be even better. I would have polished it shinny sleek.

Because, today I've practically learnt about organisation's politic.
Submitted my assignment at 10 a.m, feeling so relax and enjoyable, but after work at 8-9pm.
I practically heard about 'organisation's politic' amongst my working company.
Felt so reluctant to care about it, it was such a mess that it literally ruins my day.

I'm not feeling sad nor disappointed, but just because it happened in my working place, it makes me feel so unhappy.

Paul Du Gay in his article, Against "Enterprise" (but not against 'enterprise', for that it would make no sense), once stated that enterprise is no longer simply refer to a creation of an independent business venture or to the characteristic habiting of model entrepreneurs or (successful) persons in business for themselves rather, it refers to the ways in which economic, political, social and personal vitality is considered best achieved by the generalisation of a particular conception of the enterprise forms to all forms of conduct, to the conduct of organisations previously seen as non-commercial (grant income) to the conduct of government and its agencies and to the conduct of individuals.

In a simple sentence, organisation does not only include one individual but includes everyone as a team to achieve their best performance or service.

Like what old people always say, the "Reality is Cruel". No doubt about the phrase. If you don't think for yourself. Who will think for you?

But is it a must to step on other's back to climb higher? Can't you buy your own stairs to climb higher?

But at some sense, it is a compliment for those back being stepped, know why?
I learnt this from somewhere else, I forgotten where is it from already. But never mind, the meaning still deeply embedded in my mind.

The meaning starts with something like this:

For those who (victims) are being stepped down, don't be sad. Think of the bright side, you are being stepped because you are worth stepping. There is a value in you that's why they aim you. Because, if you are useless enough, they won't even put you in their sight.


For those, who stepped people's back to climb higher, you lead a sad life. I'm sorry for you, because you can't even climb your own way up, instead you need someone else to lead your life.

Make sense?

Hope this make those "victim's" day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A random post my brother tagged me in Facebook helped me review back my childhood memories with my close cousins.
Funny enough that I can even have a smile on my cheek this morning.

I was around 14-15 age at that time, and that was the best childhood we had together.
We only manage to catch up with each other every Saturday or Sunday because I stayed 5 days a week in Klang alone and spend weekends back in Kuala Selangor.

But there are tonnes about us, we sleep together, we played together, we laugh together and we even bath together (but with undies kay!)

That was the most craziest moment I ever have. I thought that it would have last like forever but reality doesn't allows it. And everyone is going on their own path now.
Both me and my Brother, Yap Chee Yuan are more to like Klang-style living, whereas both of my cousin are more to Kapar-style living, but we bonded well. Real well I can say.

I'm satisfied enough that all the things we went thru is embedded in my mind and my heart.
You know who you are, Yap Chee Yuan, Yap Yee Huang, and Yap Yong Wei..
I know right? All of them are from my Yap's family..

I guess most of us would know what is it at the above picture right?
Those are the things we used to played and shared amongst us.
We are that poor that 4 of us shared one computer, playing Age of Empires 2, giving us 1 hour limitation to play before others. And 3 of us would stand beside and look at each other.

I still remember we broke each and every glass in my house because we played futsal inside my house living room. That was one long story.

I guess if I am to continue what we have gone through, one blog post wouldn't have enough to fit in.

But what I wanted to say here is, I never forget my root, where I came from and who am I.
I always precious my relationships with my families, no matter my mother side's cousin or my father's side.
We share the same memory and we share the same blood.
No matter where we are, we are still a FAMILY.

A sudden feeling of missing home. I'm missing out all my family's outing and all the activities.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sigh, got back my assignment today..
The mark is pretty not bad, I didn't expect a lot from it, but I'm sick of getting such marks everytime for my assignment. I WANTED MORE....

Tutor keep calling me to work on expression, expression and expression...